EURO 2024 Festival

Welcome to the Fan Zone Berlin

Football fans from all over Europe are invited to experience a unique festival in celebration of the Euro 2024 in Berlin. Visitors can make their way to the breathtaking Fan Zone Berlin, where they can take advantage of large-scale public-viewing opportunities at the world’s biggest football goal, but also enjoy a pop-up park and a comprehensive programme of cultural events and entertainment as part of the FUSSBALLKULTURSOMMER during the UEFA EURO 2024.

The Fan Zone Berlin consists of two key sites located close to one another: the Fan Zone Brandenburg Gate will function as a temporary park and stage for large-scale public viewing, while the Fan Zone Reichstag will act as the heart of the 31-day festival.

Please note

Only bags up to A4 size are permitted in the Fan Zone Berlin and there are no lockers available!

Fan Zone Reichstag

The space in front of the Reichstag is known as the Platz der Republik, and this is where all 51 matches of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship will be shown live. The entire area will function as a meeting point for football fans from all over Europe eager to watch the matches and celebrate together. On the nine days when no matches are being played, the Fan Zone Reichstag will offer a family-friendly programme of cultural events and entertainment, including concerts, readings, talks, workshops, DJ sets, shows and much more. These events will focus on a diversity of themes, including sustainability, diversity, inclusion and magic. There will also be events organised specifically for children and families and offered in cooperation with partners on-site at the Fan Zone Reichstag. For example, visitors will be invited to test their sporting skills in a number of activities on a football pitch. The Fan Zone Reichstag will also be the meeting place of the “Future Hub”, a brand-new future league founded on the occasion of the UEFA EURO 2024. This association of various initiatives focuses on themes of sport, inclusion and sustainability and will be organising workshops and talks in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport.

Open: 14 June to 14 July, daily from 2pm to midnight

Berlin’s most well-known landmark will transform into the largest football goal in the world

Fanmeile in 2024: Das Brandenburger Tor wird zum Fußballtor, die Straße des 17. Juni zur Spielfläche.
© Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Image © 2022 WWW.OLN.AT

Fan Zone
Brandenburger Tor

On the occasion of the 2024 European Football Championship, the Brandenburg Gate will transform into the world’s largest goal and function simultaneously as the screen and backdrop for Berlin’s traditional large-scale public viewing. And because every football goal needs a pitch, the city is also rolling out a massive green turf in front of the gate, thus transforming the entire area along the Straße des 17. Juni into a pop-up park. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking to go for a jog, take a stroll or just sit down and relax. And it’s also a great spot for football fans, Berliners and guests from all over the world to come together. On five summer evenings when no matches are being played, the huge screens will show football-themed films, with Berlin film critic Knut Elstermann discussing the movies in advance with prominent guests drawn from film and sports. There will also be concerts, performances and much more.

The first major event at the Fan Zone Brandenburg Gate is the huge opening show for the FUSSBALLKULTURSOMMER on 12 June.

The following matches will be shown at the public viewing site at Brandenburg Gate:

  • All matches of the day when a game is played at the Olympiastadion Berlin (including the final)
  • All matches of the day when the German national team is playing
  • All quarter-final and semi-final matches
  • Open: 12 June to 14 July, daily opening hours will vary