Berlin 365/24

We created “BERLIN 365/24” to spotlight the full breadth of the city’s cultural diversity and creativity in all areas from mainstream to niche.

“BERLIN 365/24” is a promise. It draws attention to the fact that Berlin is always worth a visit – at any time of the day or year. Working in close cooperation with the city’s official tourism organisation visitBerlin, this cultural marketing initiative combined a number of measures under one roof with the ultimate aim of conveying to cultured international audiences the fact that Berlin always has something new, surprising and unusual on offer over and above the many events and traditions for which the city is already well-known. BERLIN 365/24 effectively brings Berlin’s diversity and magnetism down to one exciting common denominator, providing an effective means of promoting the city abroad and at prominent events such as the ITB Travel Trade Fair and attracting culture fans from all over the world to the capital.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Antje Schröder
The initiative inspired culture lovers from all over the world to visit Berlin.
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