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The Museumsportal is an online platform showcasing all of Berlin’s museums, palaces and memorial sites.

Back in 2008, when we launched our online Museumsportal, several museums didn’t even have their own websites yet. Since then, we’ve continued our pioneering work together with our partners at the State Association of Berlin Museums (Landesverband der Museen zu Berlin), and over the years, the portal has become one of the largest and most successful online tools for culture in Germany. Roughly 1 million users take advantage of the services provided by the Museumsportal each year, whether they’re Berlin visitors, museum fans, art novices, couples or families. In a total of seven languages, the portal offers comprehensive and up-to-date information on Berlin’s unique and world-class museum landscape. Click here to visit the website.

Germany’s largest cultural portal covering roughly 200 museums, palaces and memorials in Berlin is constantly being updated and expanded.

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Projektmanagement und Datenredaktion Museumsportal Berlin
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