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We showcase the perspective of “Dinge” (things) on the world as part of national and international guest performances, co-productions, series and festivals.

Schaubude Berlin is a performance space where artistic puppetry and object theatre takes centre stage. In national and international guest performances and as part of co-productions, special series and festivals, we spotlight the perspective of “Dinge” (things) on the world.

With our weekly alternating schedule of performances for both children and adults, we invite all ages to discover the full breadth of contemporary artistic puppetry and object theatre. We are particularly interested in exploring the border zones of the genre, which is why we feature not only puppet masters but also artists drawn from the fields of performance, visual arts, dance and music. Click here for the Website.

© Schaubude Berlin

Theater der Dinge (Theatre of Things)

The “Theater der Dinge” is an international festival for contemporary artistic puppetry and object theatre that showcases the latest developments in the genre, whereby each iteration focuses on a key topic. In 2022, the theme is »„Spuren der Verunsicherung”« (Traces of uncertainty).

We see the performing arts as a dialogue between the audience and what’s happening on stage.

Schaubude Berlin
Greifswalder Str. 81-84, 10405 Berlin
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