Based in Berlin

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Amin Akhtar

For six weeks in the summer of 2011, this exhibition spotlighted the latest work of roughly 80 artists living and working in Berlin.

Especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German capital has emerged as one of the world’s most important locations for contemporary art. In the summer of 2011, we presented a city-wide exhibition called “Based in Berlin” that acted as the embodiment of the contemporary Berlin art scene. Initiated by the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and curated by a team of international experts, the event represented the city’s dynamic art scene and spotlighted the diversity of artistic production in small and large formats at both well-known and alternative exhibition houses, such as the Atelierhaus Monbijoupark, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the Nationalgalerie in the Hamburger Bahnhof.

The exhibition was a huge hit with audiences and paved the way for the Berlin Art Week, which launched in 2012 and has continued to celebrate the capital as a contemporary art hotspot every year since.

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