Talking Statues

© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Ines Ebel

Well-known German personalities told the stories behind a number of Berlin memorials and works of art – via QR code and a telephone call.

Well-known personalities told the stories behind Berlin memorials and works of art. After you used your smartphone to scan the QR code at the memorial site, you received an automated telephone call narrating the history of the site. The first five memorials launched their “talking statue” service at the 2015 Long Night of Museums. For example, the story behind a sculpture by artist Käthe Kollwitz in Berlin-Pankow was narrated by prominent German actress Katharina Thalbach, and the story of the Lise Meitner Memorial in the courtyard of the Humboldt University was told by the well-known German moderator Sandra Maischberger.

Simone Leimbach
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